Rustam va Sohrab - Shah-Namehâ Stories رستم و سهراب - از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه - ۸
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Rustam va Sohrab – Shah-Namehâ Stories رستم و سهراب – از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه – ۸


Atoosa Salehi – آتوسا صالحی
Ofoq Publication – نشر افق
ISBN: 9789643694371


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نویسنده : آتوسا صالحی
موضوع : داستان و شعر نوجوان
گروه سنی : نوجوان
نوبت چاپ : ۲
تاریخ چاپ : ۱۳۸۶
تعداد صفحات : ۶۴ صفحه
قطع : وزیری
نوع جلد : شومیز

كدام اسب، رخش اوست و كدام درفش، درفش او؟
*بگو رستم كجاست؟ بگو در كدام یك ز این سراپرده‌هاست؟ دوست دارم زودتر، پیش از آنكه كسی از رازم پرده بردارد، با او روبه‌رو شوم؟ دوست دارم بدانم آیا می‌تواند فرزند نادیده‌اش را در جامه‌ی دشمنان بشناسد؟
*در این مجموعه نویسنده كوشیده است كه در مسیرهای ناشناخته‌تر شاهنامه حركت كند، تا با پرهیز از تكرار افسانه‌ها، آنها را از زاویه‌ای نو و از درون متن ماجرا بازآفرینی كند.

Author : Atoosa Salehi
Subject : Youngadult’s fiction
Age Group : Young Adults
Pages : 64pages page
Size : 17 x 21 cm

For Sohrab it’s impossible to forget Gordafarid . Along with Zhandeh Razm, one of Turan’s army commander, he is galloping to the zone, where Iranian forces has set up their camp. From a height, his look catches the camp. After returning to his own forces, he commands the soldiers to make a huge fire.
Rustam goes to meet Kavoos, king of Iran, and tells him that he has to encounter Turan’s youg commander, and while leaving the king’s place, he hides a poniard in his neck. At night he leaves for the fight with Sohrab. After killing Zhendeh Razm, her returns to his camp, and, confides his desire—a son to rely on him— in Guiv, the brave Iranian commander.
Sohrab orders to bring him Hajir, and, puts the nib of a lance on his throat but Hajir, to rescue his life, proposes collaboration with the Turanis, which means betraying the ruler of Dezh-e-Sepid ( White Fortress). Both leave the camp for the place where Iranians has set up their camps. Sohrab is keen to find out which one of the tents are Rustam’s, but gets to know the Iranian hero has not still joined his own men.
Finally the both rivals—father and his son—initaiate their battle. Rustam, being unaware of Sohrab being his son from Tahmineh, is nearly killed by him, but succeeds to survive. The day after, during the second round of their battle, Sohrab get killed by his father, who by seeing the armlet, discovers that the corps he is embracing, belongs to his own son.

Raising his hand, Rustam declares:” Make no haste, youn man! Don’t be so restless to die, and if not feeling sorry for yourself, remember your defenceless mother, and don’t whish her be clad in black.” Sorhrab, while narrowing his eyes to see this great hero how is standing in front of him as a sun, calls him:” It was my mother who did put this armour on me , because she was sure the Mother World has not seen anybody braver than his own son. But if you are in doubt, unsheathe your sword and let our fight commence!”
Rustam swords and says:” It is hard to put brand a mother’s heart by killing her son; even if she is an enemy, in flesh and blood. Still you can return to her arm, and let not be a tragedy happen

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