Little Work mates Vet Vicky دیك دامپزشك از مجموعه شغل آینـده من

AGES 3-5 از ۳ تا ۵ سال

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Little Workmates: Vet Vicky
Author: Mandy Ross
Illustrator:‌ Emma Dodd
Series: Little Workmates
Hardcover: 12 pages
Publisher: Ofoq Publication
Edition: 8th (2016)
Language: Persian (Parsi)
ISBN-13: 9789643693411
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 50 gm

"Little Workmates" are a series of first stories for children aged between two and five. The series centres around a fictional town where all the "little workmates" live. Each story tells the tale of a day in the life of a different inhabitant – nurse Nina, fireman Fergus, builder Bill, postman Peter, P.C. Polly, or Queen Connie. The stories narrate the jobs the "Little workmates" do and the people they encounter, and are linked by a consistent setting. Characters from the other books appear to varying degrees in each story. The text is short and concise with repeated phrases. This book in the "Little Workmate" series explores the daily life of teacher Tina.


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نویسنده : مندی راس
مترجم : فرزاد امامی
موضوع : داستان کودک
گروه سنی : كودك
نوبت چاپ : ۸
تاریخ چاپ : ۱۳۹۵
تعداد صفحات : ۱۲ صفحه
قطع : خشتی
نوع جلد : شومیز

در شهر داستانی، همه برای زندگی بهتر به هم كمك می‌كنند، در هر كتاب از كتاب‌های این مجموعه بچه‌ها در دل قصه با یكی از شغل‌ها آشنا می‌شوند.

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