Siavash - Shah-Namehâ Stories سیاوش - از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه - ۹
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Siavash – Shah-Namehâ Stories سیاوش – از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه – ۹


Atoosa Salehi – آتوسا صالحی
Ofoq Publication – نشر افق
ISBN: 9789643694388


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نویسنده : آتوسا صالحی
موضوع : داستان و شعر نوجوان
گروه سنی : نوجوان
نوبت چاپ : ۲
تاریخ چاپ : ۱۳۸۶
تعداد صفحات : ۸۰ صفحه
قطع : وزیری
نوع جلد : شومیز

خود رابه آتش بزن و مترس!
*شاید پدرم كاووس مرا به جنگ می‌فرستد تا از چاله‌ای به چاه اندازد… شاید گرسیوز همنقشه‌ی شومی در سر داشته باشد و بخواهد شمشیر بر زمین گذاریم تا شبانه شبیخون زند… انگار باید هر روز از آزمون آتشی بگذرم و بر لبه‌ی تیغی راه روم كه هر دو سویش پرتگاهی است پر از درندگان گرسنه و خونریز…
*در این مجموعه نویسنده كوشیده است كه در مسیرهای ناشناخته‌تر شاهنامه حركت كند، تا با پرهیز از تكرار افسانه‌ها، آنها را از زاویه‌ای نو و از درون متن ماجرا بازآفرینی كند.

Author : Atoosa Salehi
Subject : Youngadult’s fiction
Age Group : Young Adults
Pages : 80 pages page
Size : 17 x 21 cm

Kavoos, the king of Iran, has married Soodabeh, a deceitful and unfaithful woman. She accuses her stepson, Sohrab, having evil intention toward her. On the other hand, she wishes death for his husband. Kavoos becomes confused by the unjust charges and the defenses of his son, makes Kavoos, and he can’t make a correct judgment. The high priest finds the solution in passing through a huge fire, each of these two. Only the honest one can survive such an ordeal.
The king’s men make the hugest fire ever seen until then,and, Siavash riding his own horse passes the fire, safely. Kavoos orders Soodabeh to be punished, but it’s Siavash that pleads with his father to be merciful to his wife.
Again Afrasiab makes an assault on Iran. Kavoos offers the all-command of Iranian forces to Siavash. But he reminds Kavoos of Rustam . Due to all the bad thing he had done to the great hero, the king is sure he would not accept taking the command of the army. Finally, Siavash makes his father happy by accepting his offer.
Rustam rides his loyal horse, Rakhsh, toward Siavash, and gets close to the prince. Meanwhile, he reminisces those good old days, when he had instructed him how to ride a horse, and how to play polo.And at the same time, it was Siavash who had taught him the meaning of the fatherhood. Siavash and Rustam visit the Iranian camp. The battle begins. A wounded Siavash brings the news of their own victory to Rustam. He believes this being the last battle between Iran and Turan, but it is Rustam who reminds him that only the king must order the end of war. Siavash along some of his best men passes the frontier river, Jayhoon, and faces the peace proposal by Afrasiab, the king of Turan. In this land, and in the castle of Afrasiab, Great Minister of Turan forces Siavash to marry Faranguiss, the princess of Turan. If this happens, Kavoos will donate part of his domain to the young couple. Can this put an end to an old hostility between the two countries?
” The kneeled down Piran says:” My Lord should think to the day he becomes ruler of Iran, after Kavoos. To be saved from the enemies enticements you need a loyal wife who should bring you a heir and through him, an everlasting union can take place, between our countries. So, listen to an advice from an old man:’ Tie the nuptial knot with Faranguiss, so you will be safe from all the autumn wind’s

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