Gordafarid - Shah-Namehâ Stories گردآفرید - از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه - ۷
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Gordafarid – Shah-Namehâ Stories گردآفرید – از مجموعه قصه های شاهنامه – ۷


Atoosa Salehi – آتوسا صالحی
Ofoq Publication – نشر افق
ISBN: 9789643694364


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نویسنده : آتوسا صالحی
موضوع : داستان و شعر نوجوان
گروه سنی : نوجوان
نوبت چاپ : ۲
تاریخ چاپ : ۱۳۸۶
تعداد صفحات : ۶۴ صفحه
قطع : وزیری
نوع جلد : شومیز

دروازه‌های دژ را بگشایید!
*منم گردآفرید، فرزند گژدهم، اكنون سرنوشت، مرا برگزیده تا بر برگی از این روزگار افسانه‌‌ای نو بنویسم؛ داستانی كه این‌بار نه مردی جنگاور، كه زنی دلاور قهرمان آن خواهد بود. پس تندتر بتاز ای اسب بادپا كه تو هم در این افسانه جاودان خواهی شد…
*در این مجموعه نویسنده كوشیده است كه در مسیرهای ناشناخته‌تر شاهنامه حركت كند، تا با پرهیز از تكرار افسانه‌ها، آنها را از زاویه‌ای نو و از درون متن ماجرا بازآفرینی كند

Author : Atoosa Salehi
Subject : Youngadult’s fiction
Age Group : Young Adults
Pages : 64pages page
Size : 17 x 21 cm

Gordafarid, the daughter of Gozhdahem who is the ruler of Dezh-e-Sepid ( White Fortress), foresees the forces of Afrasiab, King of Turan, attacking his father’s dominion. But Afrasiab is unworried because Hajir, the warden of his fortress, is been sent to defend the fortress against the Turanis who are under the command of Sohrab—the son of Tahmineh and Rustam. She asks her father to call for help from the king of Iran, but he refuses.
Hajir becomes captive. Gordafarid puts armour and helmet on, takes the sword, and sets out to the battlefield . During their battle, she loses her helmet, and , Sohrab finds his adversary being a woman, a brave and beautiful one. He falls in love with her. Gordafarid has no way, except fleeing. Sohrab is determined to pursue and get his strange enemy.

A perturbed Gordafarid rides towards at the fortress, at a gallop. Sohrab is pursuing her. Still, he can not believe what he has seen by his own eyes. A shout cleaves the sky: “Halt!”
Gordafarid rides fast.
– “Who are you ? Are you human or fairy?”
She makes her horse riding faster.
– “Just wait! I have never witnessed a woman swording, as you have done. Don’t move further unless if you don’t halt and speak, I have to rivet you and your horse done, with this lance.”
While riding much faster, in the direction of the wind, she shouts:” Dwell my name on your mind, I am Gordafarid, the daughter of Gozhdam

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