Your Chinese Horoscope طالع‌بینی چینی
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Your Chinese Horoscope طالع‌بینی چینی

by: Neil Somerville – نویسنده: نیل سامرویل
Translator: Mojgan Hairi – مترجم: مژگان حایری
Publisher: Jajermi – جاجرمی ناشر:
Published: 2005 – سال چاپ: 1383
ISBN: 9789646766389


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ISBN: 9789646766389

سال تولد شما – طالع بینی چینی
نویسنده نیل سامرویل
مترجم مژگان حایری
ناشر جاجرمی
سال انتشار 1383
شابک 9789646766389
موضوع اصلی سبک زندگی
موضوع فرعی فال و تعبیر خواب
نوبت چاپ 3
زبان کتاب فارسی
قطع کتاب رقعی
جلد کتاب شومیز
تعداد صفحه 320 صفحه

Learn about strengths and weaknesses, individual character traits as well as how you relate to others.

But most important of all, there is an in-depth horoscope for each and every year showing how you may fare this year but future ones as well. Included too are tips on how to get the best from each year as well as inspirational words written by those who share your sign.

This is a book for all times and, like a friend offering advice, it makes for a very special read.

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