Horrid Henry’s Holiday هنری زلزله و تعطیلات پرماجرا
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Horrid Henry’s Holiday هنری زلزله و تعطیلات پرماجرا

AGES 8-12 از ۸ تا ۱۲ سال

Francesca Simon – فرانچسکا سایمون
مترجم: آتوسا صالحی
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ISBN: 978-964-369-354-1

هنري زلزله و تعطيلات پرماجرا
نويسنده : فرانچسكا سايمون
مترجم : آتوسا صالحي
موضوع : مجموعه داستان/ کودک/ نوجوان
گروه سنی : كودك
نوبت چاپ : ۱۳
تاريخ چاپ : ۱۳۹۵
تعداد صفحات : ۸۴ صفحه
قطع : پالتويي
نوع جلد : شوميز
شماره شابك : 978-964-369-354-1
به اين مي‌گويند تعطيلات واقعي!
كشتي رفت پايين و آمد بالا. صورت هنري سبز شد. صورت پيت سبز شد.
هنري گفت: «انگار دارم مريض مي‌شوم» و هر چه را كه خورده بود، روي مامان بالا آورد. پيتر گفت: «انگار دارم مريض…» و هر چه را كه خورده بود روي بابا بالا آورد. بابا گفت: «اصلاً خودتان را ناراحت نكنيد. حتم دارم كه اين بهترين سفر عيدتان است

Horrid Henry has hated every holiday his parents have taken him on. When his parents suggest a camping trip, Horrid Henry is delighted as Moody Margaret had told him all about her camping holiday that included swimming pools, giant TVs and comfy beds. After a long journey, Horrid Henry is excited as they can see a campsite that looks just like the one Moody Margaret described. However, much to Horrid Henry’s dismay, his parents inform him that they won’t be staying there. Instead they are staying in a campsite where there are no luxuries and Horrid Henry is instantly put into a bad mood.

Rather than trying to enjoy himself like the rest of his family, Horrid Henry starts moaning and complaining. When he realises that this isn’t going to get him out of the campsite, he decides to sabotage their tent by using the tent pegs to create a fire so that the family have no choice but to leave.

Horrid Henry is a very popular children’s book and is suitable for children in Key Stage 1. The layout of the book is appealing for children as the text is written in various sizes and fonts. This book could be used as a basis for the children to write their own descriptive texts about their favourite holiday or somewhere they would like to go on holiday.

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