ISBN: 978-964-6635-951

Hassn Zendehdel & Assistants
Language: English
Translator: Shahla Adlkhan
Photos: Iran Gardan Archive
Published: 2009 Tehran
Pages: 176
Size: 21 X 16.5 cm
Colour: 100 pages full colour + 76 pages 2 colours

– Roads and topographic map
– Maps of provincial centers
– Index of attractions
– Colored photos

In the mentioned map, there are locations of the provinces in total, townships, cities, districts and most of the rural areas with the roadway network, topographical conditions to the scale of 1:1,000,000, along with sufficient and useful information rendered in the way of touris routs relative to the rural regions.
As for the beneficial aspects of this gude, in addition to the inclusive maps of Iran, there are maps related to the provincial capitals that encompass 30 cities in total, in other words 30 maps pertaining to the cities, together with a list of attractions of the provinces and cities of Iran that has been included at the end of this guide.

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