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Iran Tourist Guide (Provinces & Cities)
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Iran Tourist Guide
(Provinces & Cities)

Iran Gardan Publication - ایرانگردان

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Image of Iran Tourist Guide
(Provinces & Cities)


ISBN: 978-964-6635-968

Hassn Zendehdel & Assistants
Language: English
Translators: A.H. Hakimian, Shahla Adlkhan
Photos: Iran A. Bakhtiar, A. Alizadeh, H. Ghafari
Published: 2007 Tehran
Pages: 348
Size: 21.5 X 14.5 cm
Colour: Full colour, 2 colours

This book contains valuable descriptions and guides covering the following headlines:
- Geographical position
- Climate
- History & culture
- Towship
- Wildlife
- Handicraft & souvenir
- Local music & dance
- Travel & accomodation
from all parts of Iran along with colour photos, cities & provinces maps, roads & monuments maps. The book is written in a simple English and provides useful information not only to those who intend to visit the land of Persia (Iran), but to those who are interested in learning more about different regions and cultures.


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